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Giing well now that the HVAC is working. Maintenace has been goid onalk other concerns. Wiyld like to have butterflyMX connected to the elevators ad well as doors


I’ve been here for 3 years plus and the amenities are better and the hospitality of the staff is consistently great. 😊 I have always received top notch service for management to maintenance. I couldn’t ask for better.


Love the environment here. It’s alway make me feel like home. It’s quite enough even during the day. The management always improve everything ti getting better.


For the cost of rent, you’d think things would run better. The HVAC will break multiple times a year, so don’t plan on AC in the summer, or heat in the winter. Plan on fire alarms at all hours of the night, burst pipes and leaks, and elevators being broken down. Also plan of the smell of smoke and weed drifting through the hallways and into your apartment, trash dumped in the hallways and trash room instead of disposed of properly, and excessive noise from your neighbors at the worst hours of the night. These are just some of the issues. Would not recommend.


Some issues with drains in shower/ sinks/ toilet.otherwise good place to live and like the pool during the summer. Relatively quick repair when needed


The apartment is nice but it was not thoroughly cleaned before I moved in. The walls are also very thin and you can hear every neighbor (above and next to you). I like the granite counters and how much light my unit gets from several windows in the living room though.


Been here two years. Would not recommend. There were several issues with fire alarms going off. The gate to the parking garage was broken 90% of the time, allowing homeless people to sleep behind cars, kids to run around & ride bikes through the garage, people loitering…etc. We had issues with the A/C in hot summer months on NUMEROUS occasions. The water heater had to be replaced because the water gets cold, and the issue is only slightly better. Now there is an issue with water pressure that has gone on for several weeks. The blower in our A/C was out for probably a year, which might have led to why we had so many maintenance requests about the A/C being out, but it was only until the last 3 months of our lease that a contractor came in and determined it was the blower that needed to be replaced, which finally got replaced in the last month of our lease. No discounts or compensation were ever offered.


Very nice apartment. The area is also very nice. Will say fire alarm goes off sometimes lol. But nothing to car7 other than that. I would rate it a 5/5


Great place!! We loved living here and miss it so much the amenities and location are great. The staff was always helpful and the entire team was quick


The team at pike3400 has always been so helpful with everything I have requested to be done. Though the building owner has changed from time to time the staff always remain attentive and top notch.

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