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Amazing area with great amenities, community areas in the building is very clean and well maintained. People are friendly and welcoming. Parking garage is helpful and cheaper than most properties.


Secure apartment building with gated resident parking. Parcel pending package system. Self service market with snacks and drinks for convenience. Nice apartment features and spacious kitchen with large kitchen island. Plenty of storage and counter space. Shawn & Carla are excellent concierge personnel.


Over Pike3400 is a great community with very friendly staff. The apartment has received a few upgrades to the amenities and a few more are also on the way. The rent matches the area and amenities received. Most of the previous issue other residents have brought up in the past have been resolved. I would definitely recommend living here!


Overall a very rough experience within the first 7months of living here. Constant problems with the hvac system, towing residents vehicles,problems with washer and dryer units, problems with new lock system on my apartment door, the gym was way too hot to safely work out in for most of the summer, constant lack of communication from office staff. However Maintenance has been very helpful. While the area is perfect I expected a better quality experience from this luxury priced apartment building. These are problems that not only I have experienced but also many of my neighbors.I believe this building really has so much potential.If the staff was a little more understanding and answered phone calls and emails in a timely manner, it would make the stay here enjoyable. Many of the problems that have occurred here have been due to building problems, so at the least the staff being accommodating and responsive would be great.


I am very happy with the service, kindness and understanding here at PIKE 3400. The leasing office and maintenance staff are swift to address my needs since May 2017. Best, donita #629


The place is a nice and clean and have a clean common area and nice decent gym I like how they provide with towels. They need to work on the bathroom ventilation


I’ve been here for nearly 4 years and can I say it’s getting better with time. Consistency in improvements. Concierge is professional and knowledgeable.


Kind of thrown for a loop seeing the different charges that we're made to pay. Utility set up fee (monthly), parcel pending (one time fee), community utilities (monthly), HVAC (monthly). Never had to pay for any of these at other apartment complexes. It screams cheap management company. Water doesn't stay hot in the shower for more than 15 minutes.

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Pike3400 is slowly but surely making improvements to the overall Resident experience, including the new app and Bilt connection, and gym improvements.


The apartment is fantastic and so is the convenience of having the residential parking separate from the retail space as it gets really hectic there sometimes. I wish I had more of an opportunity to use some of the other common spaces but my schedule never permits for it. I would highly recommend the building and hope it stays as great a place to live as it has been since the beginning.

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